Chiropractic for Children

While kids are resilient, and can mostly shrug off their day-to-day injuries, they are still vulnerable to some of the same acute and chronic discomforts as adults. among other things, these can include back and neck pain, headaches or migraines caused by injuries, poor posture, and strain from carrying a heavy bag (backpacks are a particularly pesky culprit) or the use of non-ergonomic furniture. All of these daily aches and pains have the potential to benefit from chiropractic care.

Why should babies get checked by a chiropractor?

Travelling through the birth canal can put strain on your baby’s skull(cranium) and spine; two possible outcomes of this are high cranial tension and spinal misalignment. Chiropractic care for babies aims to restore balance and remove cranial tension in order to prevent interference to the nervous system and offered improved spinal and cranial function.

Chiropractic treatment for babies is extremely gentle, and is performed by those trained in the application of appropriate spinal, cranial, and visceral treatment techniques. Parents should expect a full range of treatment to span 4 – 5 sessions, though a more serious case may require additional visits.

Benefits of regular check ups

The nervous system plays a role in the ability of young children to reach developmental milestones. “Scooting” and other crawling-avoidant behaviours may be triggered by nervous system interference that can benefit from chiropractic care. An evaluation from a chiropractor is recommended after each developmental milestone, as well as after big falls and bumps, as these are the times when it is most likely for an imbalance to develop.

“Just like going to the dentist for a check-up, chiropractic checks your child’s spine for any misalignment or imbalance.”

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“The treatments themselves do not ‘cure’ the condition, they simply restore the body’s self-healing ability.”
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Why modern kids and teens need chiropractic

The excessive use of devices, watching of television and sedentary lifestyle common among older kids and teens often leads to a posture in which their head tilts forward, placing strain on their upper back and neck. This can cause a change in their posture and act as a trigger for spinal problems. Teenagers should be assessed for issues related to posture, which can cause continued dysfunction and pain into their adult years.

We’re happy to note that further research has been recommended and is currently being carried out with regards to chiropractic care for children, as we believe chiropractic to be effective in treating many health problems in kids in a way which reduces the need for medications and invasive medical treatments.

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